Michelle inspires the trust needed when experiencing the bewilderment that often precedes revelation and change.

At the start of each session Michelle discerns—with eyes, ears, and hands—how I am doing and chooses an area for the day’s focus.  She draws on a profound knowledge of human anatomy and deep and wide training in schools of bodywork to plan each session’s work.  With words and hands, Michelle guides me in movements that invite new ways of being.  Her attention is unusually keen and her hands extraordinarily perceptive and healing: Michelle inspires the trust needed when experiencing the bewilderment that often precedes revelation and change.  Gradually and steadily I have learned how to move, and to exist, with greater awareness of the body’s native alignment and functioning, and I have discovered greater strength, energy, and calm.

Teacher and Scholar

I was told I needed knee surgery by more than one physician. Reluctant to undergo surgery, I started sessions with Michelle. After seeing her twice a week for several months, my knees improved dramatically. I no longer need surgery, and would never consider that an option again.  Needless to say, I highly recommend Michelle. Not just knee issues, but for your whole body alignment and overall health.
Vincent D'Onofrio


Working with Michelle has provided me an awareness of my body that sends me out in to the world with tools to be expansive and present.  Within the first five minutes of my sessions with Michelle, I feel the stress day of the day dissipating.   Since I started working with Michelle, my body has changed with respect to posture and alignment and how I move through space in my daily life.  Every session is tailored to my body and each exercise is a building block for the next. The other day, I left our session in a meditative state, almost trance-like and smiling.

Matthew J. Fischel

Actor and Business Management Consultant

I first started working with Michelle when I was a young, somewhat muscle-bound Pilates teacher with a very classical approach to Pilates. Within four or five sessions she had revolutionized my understanding of movement. My body intelligence perked up and I began to feel much more fluid and balanced. Her work changed not only my approach to Pilates, but inspired my teaching to a whole new level. I have been working with her regularly now for five years and she is invaluable. Also as a performer (actress and singer) I count on her to get me through tough physical challenges and to help me free my diaphragm for a more resonant speaking and singing voice. She is one of the most gifted teachers I know.

Founder, Pilates Garage and Magis Theater

I started working with Michelle because I had chronic back pain.  Thanks to Michelle’s technique, I am now pain-free and I continue to go because it makes me feel great emotionally and physically.  As a business owner, I am always working, and because of Michelle’s keen sense of the body, I have the stamina and clarity to function at a high level.  Regular bodywork sessions with Michelle keep my body aligned, increase my energy levels, and release tensions related to working at a desk.  I see a dramatic difference in my health from when I first began two years ago and today.
Pat Bates

Agent, Pat Bates and Associates

It was a great relief to be instructed by Michelle who introduced me to the joys of focused bodywork that built my physical capacity and added to my emotional well-being. Within a few months of seeing Michelle I began to experience major improvement in my breathing as well as in my overall energy level; evidence enough for me that this was working. What was most surprising however, was over that first year, the outward change in my appearance and the continuous comments on how fabulous I look and how much positive energy I give off. Michelle has a unique and astute understanding of how the physical and emotional states intertwine and her holistic approach to working with me has strengthened both my body and my soul.

Research Scientist

I sought Michelle out in hope of avoiding lumbar disc surgery. After injection treatments and six months of rehab PT I was barely able to stand up straight. From our first session, Michelle adapted, even invented a workout that moved me from rehab to advanced Pilates and yoga. I am pain-free and in better shape than I have been in 20 years. Michelle reads my body with deep perception and I continue to build greater strength and flexibility. It is amazing how my whole body structure has changed for the better.

Marketing Consultant

Michelle’s sessions are utterly unique. She possesses a vast body of knowledge about the human form and is able to convey her teaching through clear verbal encouragement and a well-directed and deeply intuitive sense of touch. Unlike many other movement experiences I have had, learning with Michelle is an exercise in being present. She allows me to work with a deep feeling of knowing and experiencing my body in the moment and without judgment. I always leave feeling physically, mentally and emotionally integrated, with a new-found sense of rootedness and strength. My dancing and teaching have both improved immeasurably thanks to her patience and incredible energy

Professional Dancer

Michelle is a wonderfully gifted and inspiring teacher. She brings a wide background of knowledge and skill along with a supportive presence. But it is Michelle’s heart and soul that she brings to her teaching which touches me, making each person feel special. Her deep caring provides a safe atmosphere, allowing space for each person’s process and honoring the needs of the individual and the group. In her classes, I always discover something about myself that I didn’t know before and get in touch with a deeper understanding of myself.
Melissa N.

Movement Enthusiast

I have been working with Michelle since 2012. During that time, she ushered me through my third pregnancy. Michelle’s keen awareness of anatomy and her intuition about my body in particular helped me navigate some of the potential pitfalls of pregnancy (including sometimes debilitating hip and s-i joint pain). During the postpartum months, she allowed my body to recover in due time, offering a balanced combination of movement exercises and hands-on work. A session with Michelle is a gift I offer myself whenever possible. It is both time and money well spent with someone who is a unique asset to the world of bodywork and movement.
Charlotte Kaiser Weinberg

Mother, movement enthusiast, former journalist

I have seen Michelle for the past few years for therapeutic movement sessions, initially to address a shoulder injury. What I deeply appreciate about Michelle’s teaching and guidance is her incredible sensitivity in working with me. I am a longtime dancer and movement person myself, and I have found in Michelle a peer who has helped support me in finding new ways to feel into and move my body and become better aligned. Michelle has a keen eye on what needs addressing structurally, drawing from years of study and experience. It is both her expansive and wide-ranging knowledge and her gentle and respectful teaching style, both in her demeanor and though her hands-on cuing, that makes Michelle a special teacher and one that I would recommend to anyone.
Megan Brians

Gyrotonic Instructor & Polarity Therapy Practitioner

I began seeing Michelle after being discharged from physical therapy, which had been prescribed for pain related to multiple old injuries. Michelle was sensitive to my injuries and knowledgeable about how to work with me despite my many physical restrictions. She progressed slowly, never pushing too hard, always staying within my comfort zone, yet still challenging me. She focused on muscles I didn’t even know I had and helped me to increase strength and flexibility, ultimately reducing pain levels. I literally stand two inches taller and am able to do physical things I had not been able to do since pre-injury. My work with Michelle has literally changed my life. I have the utmost trust in and respect for her and give her my highest recommendation.
Billy Jay Stein

Grammy-Winning Music Producer

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