Movement Therapy & More

Personalized Movement & Body Coaching is all about what you need, addressing your specific concerns and supporting your overall goals whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or some combination and guiding you back to whole body integration and deep knowing.

Movement is the guide for feeling into your body, heart, and spirit and training your mind awareness to tune into your subtle body energies.  I help you by  attuning my intuitive listening into your body and energy field, which amplifies your awareness and connection to build your felt-sense sensorial experience and understand how your biofeedback speaks to you.

My method consists of these steps:

  • Tuning into your body
  • Calming your nervous system
  • Aligning your body using movement connectivity to open pathways of receptivity for greater healing energy and your inner wisdom to flow through your body.

If your journey is to dive deeper into your soul work, we add meditative and energy practices to support your connection to your higher self and soul.

Physical Benefits:

  • Restores your posture and alignment
  • Calms and relaxes your nervous system
  • Opens movement body connections for pain-free ways of moving

Mental & Emotional Benefits:

  • Focuses your attention
  • Invites calmness
  • Clarity and clear thinking

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Aligns your soul energy with your body
  • Connects you to your heart center and higher self
  • Allows you to connect to your inner guidance

When you stand aligned and centered in your body, you stand centered and aligned in your voice and purpose.

Appointments are virtual and begin with a Complimentary Call to learn about your concern and how this work may help you. One time appointments are available or ongoing support packages.


Somatic Tablework

Healing bodywork with somatic coaching that allows your body-mind-spirit to deeply relax, reset your nervous system, and unwind blockages caused by emotional and physical tension. 

Special appointments are available in Pennsylvania and in NYC for somatic tablework and energy healing sessions.

Please reach out to learn more and schedule your complimentary call.



Reiki and Energy Healing

Energy healing that combines Reiki and other practices to relax your body and restore and connect you to your soul energy.

Special healing appointment are available in Pennsylvania and in NYC.

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