Private Movement Therapy Sessions

Al and Mic Exp LearningMovement Therapy sessions focus on movement re-education and movement re-patterning, addressing alignment, postural habits, body organization, coordination, body connectivity, and muscle tone to enhance functional and expressive movement capacity.  Sessions provide an opportunity for you to notice your body’s movement patterns and begin to cultivate skills for bringing greater ease, balance, and efficiency to your posture and movement. Through breath, intention, visualization, sensation, contact, and movement, the areas less familiar in your body become activated, creating new neuromuscular connections that support healthy alignment and posture. The body discovers balance and ease by moving into relationship with breath, gravity, and ground.  You can expect to work with the Pilates equipment, yoga wall, and other supportive props that help to enhance your movement experience and expand your kinesthetic spatial proprioception of your body.  Sessions draw from the practices of Dynamic Embodiment™, Body-Mind Centering®, Continuum Movement, yoga, and Pilates. Whether you are brand new to movement, a seasoned athlete or performer, movement professional, fitness enthusiast, recovering from an injury, or looking for a deeper movement practice, this work meets you where you are, opening greater movement choices.

Private Somatic Tablework Sessions

Mic and Cath head ribcage breathSomatic tablework sessions are therapeutic and restorative, in which you remain fully clothed in comfortable clothing on a movement table or on the floor.  Sessions offer you an opportunity to experience deep relaxation, release muscular tension, connect to self, and rebalance your living body system from a place of being rather than doing through gentle hands on contact.  Clients say that they feel integrated, have improved posture, feel empowered, grounded, and supported from the inside out after a session.  Drawing from the practices of Dynamic Embodiment™, Body-Mind Centering®, and CranioSacral Therapy, sessions are very complementary to movement therapy sessions as they support kinesthetic awareness and deep bodily integration.

Private Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions

Mic and Alvaro head and hand off bodyReiki and energy healing sessions focus on the energetic body, offering a container to support and integrate the spiritual aspects of self. During these sessions, you remain fully clothed in comfortable clothing on a movement table or the floor.  Sessions facilitate the innate healing wisdom of body to restore inner balance, calm emotions, open creative potential, and reintegrate spirit.  Sessions promote a feeling of wholeness and well-being and are often helpful after times of great stress or trauma.

Movement Professional Mentoring

Ros and Mic twist 2Michelle offers private and semi-private programs for Pilates, yoga, and dance teachers, personal trainers, massage therapists, and other body-mind practitioners interested in expanding their practices to include a somatic based approach or to deepen the embodiment experience within their own unique approach.  Through a series of somatic coaching sessions, personal goals, desires, and dreams one is seeing for his or her practice are explored.  Together we assess and collaborate on strategies that support you and your practice.  Programs are individually tailored for each person, nuturing personal process, facilitation skills, and business skills.  Contact Michelle directly to apply and learn more about these customized programs.

Somatic Movement Classes

Mic and Cath side bend 2These group classes offer a pleasurable, creative, and safe container for exploring movement, body connectivity, and connection to self and other. Each class has a different body based theme, drawing from the somatic practices of Body-Mind Centering®, Dynamic Embodiment™, Continuum Movement, and other movement practices. Classes enhance bodily awareness, expand perception, release bodily tension, increase body sensation, and promote wholeness and well-being through breath, movement, sound, and contact. Classes compliment fitness, Pilates, dance, yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices as classes focus on individual embodiment and personal process.  Please see the Blog page for a current listing of classes.

Embodied Anatomy and Yoga Classes

Michelle Triangle 2 side shootThese classes combine Body-Mind Centering® and yoga, exploring embodied anatomy and physiology within a yoga context.  Classes are slower paced, exploratory, and process-oriented, focusing on individual embodiment and direct experience within an asana (pose) practice in a safe and supportive community setting.  Classes investigate different body systems such as skeletal, ligament and connective tissue, organ, endocrine, fluid,  muscle, breath, vocalization and nervous systems, through movement, visualization, somatization, breath, contact, and dialogue to deepen body connectivity, expand awareness, and invite greater movement choices.  Whether you are new to yoga, a seasoned yogi, or someone wanting to try something new to compliment an established or beginning practice, this class supports your unique embodiment process and personal practice.  Please see the Blog page for a current listing of classes.

BodyMind Dancing™ (BMD) Classes

BMD, developed by Dr. Martha Eddy, is a pleasurable, creative, and easygoing somatic movement dance class full of anatomical gems that strengthen body connectivity and support creativity. Classes play with dance phrases, improvise to explore the inner body, and enjoy being with others. Please see the Blog page for a current listing of classes.

Workshops, Seminars, and Events

Michelle offers seminars and continuing education workshops for both movement and exercise professionals as well as for the general public.

Please see the Blog page for current listings of workshops, seminars, and events.

Customized workshops, seminars, and events may be arranged for your place of business.

Please contact Michelle directly to learn how to arrange a customized program just right for your place of business.


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